Wednesday, October 24, 2007

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

P.ridleyi spores

Platycerium Ridleyi Spores

I am no expert at growing ferns from spores but I have had some success. People ask me how to grow them all the time. My best advice is don't try the same thing twice. If noting happens the first time then try something new. This formula will work with most spores. Here is a list of things you will need.

1. Spores No one relay knows how long or when the best time to collect spores. I alway start when they can easily be scraped from the frond. I have had some sitting around for months and they still germinated. "Try not to mix the different species" unless you are trying to create a cultivar. Spores are so small if you were to swipe the air where you live you could probably find several species.

2. Plastic container I just use a plastic lid and container from the store. You should disinfect everything before using. I do that by using boiling water and poring it over all utensils. Poke small howls on the sides an on the bottom.

3. Potting soil This is where I experiment the most. My best result was using pete pellets. I pore boiling water over the soil to help sterilize. Let the temperature cool and then add the spores. I do not separate the thin hairs from the spores. You can if you like. Photo 1

4. Spray Bottle Use filtered water. After about a day I open the container and spray the top of the spores. This helps get the right amount of moisture. Let the container sit about 1-6 months and you should start to see the first stage of growth. Gametophytes stage Photo 2

5. From time to time I open the container to let air in. But most of the time it is left alone. After the gametophytes begin to form the sperm need to swim over and fertilize the egg. Misting helps this along. Some time after the gametophytes form the "juvenile sporophytes" forms. I have had gametophytes last 1-2 years and still produced plants. I rather throw them away then lit them in my kitchen that long! Photo's 3-4

6. A separate container is needed with fresh soil. When the juvenile sporophyte is about .25 of an inch. Or look like Photo 4 I remove them. For some this can be the most difficult time. When you are finished separating them they need to be in a worm humid environment. Form this stage they can grow fast. You can have a plant like Photo 6 in 8 to 12 months. At this time a small amount of fertilizer can be applied making sure the potting soil does not completely dry.

Good Luck Growing. From time to time I have some spores I sell they are $10.00. You can contacted me at

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